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Practical Plants

Identity, design & development of a semantic wiki and community forum

Practical Plants is a collaboratively edited encyclopedia of plant information with a strong focus on common and unusual edible, material, and medicinal uses and ways to benefit your garden by using plants to their fullest.

Practical Plants is a project created by TinyMighty and released to the community as an open-source project. We designed a logo joining the beauty of nature reflected in the sunflower, combined with a gear to represent utility, and created an identity for the website which is bold and playful and reflective of the content.

It is built with MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia, with numerous extensions and significant modifications to produce a wiki which is both easier to use and adds the ability to store data attached to an article, and thus enable advanced searched and inter-article relationships. We also created a community forum using Vanilla.

Practical Plants uses only open-source software with all useful modifications being released back into the open-source ecosphere, and all information collected is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license


Identity & Website

OrganicWick is a non-profit food co-operative in Hackney Wick, London.

The Organic Wick co-op was a project initiated by TinyMighty. We created a site for the project as warm, friendly and green as the community who formed around it.

The website was built using Wordpress. Google Checkout is used to process orders from members


Identity & Website.

Giving is an open source donation platform, allowing charities and organisations to experiment with more exciting ways to receive donations.

We created a simple but vibrant identity with a logo which plays with familiar iconography to represent the power in the act of giving.